Massage from Chairman

It gives me immense pleasure to see the commencement of Square College of Nursing which is a pledge bound mission of late Mr. Samson Chowdhury the founder chairman of Square Group. I am grateful to all who gave their relentless efforts in achieving this goal.

Universally healthcare is regarded as one of the toughest services as it not only deals with life and death, in addition it has to handle very complex human psyche. Bangladesh is in overwhelming need for establishing standard healthcare facilities which should meet the demand of safe and service oriented health care. One of the greatest hindrances to achieve this is scarcity of standard nurses. We would like to address this problem by offering standard education through this college. Success of a nation depends highly on the quality of education and we are on a mission to improve it.

Around the world, nurses have been traditionally females. Though in this modern world there should be no gender discrimination, nursing is still continuing to be a female-dominated profession. No doubt, during a period of anxiety and agony a softer hand is the preferred hand. I am a great believer of woman’s strength and their role in building a strong nation.

In countries like Bangladesh nursing was not a very sought after profession. But things are changing fast and it is good to see young people from all walks of life are coming forward and taking interest in this noble profession. 


I hope the students will dedicate themselves in learning the art and techniques of nursing. We are very keen to provide all facilities necessary for practical learning of modern nursing under the guidance of good teachers. I wish they will have a pleasant time during their formative period so as to gather adequate energy needed for future service to the nation. The nation needs their service. 





Samuel S Chowdhury

Chairman, SQUARE Group