Health is a basic right for all human beings regardless of gender, nationality, religion, ethnicity, caste or creed. This is a unique endowment from the part of the almighty creator. Though health is an individual property, the responsibility to keep it sound is collective. An individual cannot lead a healthy life if the people around him carry diseases and remain unhealthy. So the whole human race should be treated as a ‘unified cluster of holy spirit’. SQUARE College of Nursing believes on the sanctity of soul and serenity of  human life on Earth. It also firmly deems nursing practice is such an inimitable service to people in the community that it can be considered ‘noblest’ among all the professions serving directly individuals, families, communities, as well as the nations. SQUARE College of Nursing

adapts the advanced technologies, modern trends and developments in medical, health, social and educational science in order to keep pace with the changing needs of society. 

The central impulse or the core philosophy that essentially leads SCN to run this course is to help the ailing humanity and thus to bring into being good nurses who are good citizens too with undaunted moral values.